Strengthen the weakest link in data protection:

Robust password policy

Strong passwords generator

End to end encryption

Two facto authentication

ZenyPass password manager

Why manage passwords

Employee passwords quality is not sufficient to prevent cyber attacks.

  • use of passwords that are too simple, too easy to guess
  • use of the same password for several accounts
  • unsecured password storage: post-it, notes, unprotected files

Passwords are the locks that secure access to your data.

ZenyPass allows your employees to easily apply the best password management policies.

  • random password generator to create strong passwords
  • use of different passwords for each account, which employees do not have to remember
  • secure storage, in a vault shared between the devices chosen by each employee

Why choose ZenyPass

Security and Privacy

End to end encryption

Local storage of encryption keys

Access restricted to authorized devices

Easy SaaS deployment

No infrastructure to deploy

No software to install or to keep up to date

Available and synchronized across all devices

GDPR compliant

Data protection tool

Privacy by Design

Featured on the French data protection authority website (CNIL)

european password manager

European solution

Servers located in the European community

French company

Company benefits

Better data protection

Passwords privacy and robustness

Easy to deploy

SaaS solution without browser plugins

Compliant with all type of devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android)

Reduction of IT calls for lost or forgotten passwords

European solution

Collaborators benefits

One single master password to remember

Sign in to all accounts in a few clicks

Effortless use of complex passwords

Access to all passwords, from all devices

Storage of passwords, website favorites, access codes, ...

Search and find records with keywords, names, websites, ...

Nothing to install

GDPR and Passwords

GDPR requires every business or administration to make every effort to protect personal data they collect.

A personal data breach due to the use by a collaborator of a password that is too simple can lead to penalties (public warning, or financial penalties).

How can an organisation protect itself from this type of risk ?

  • By reinforcing password policies
  • And by deploying ZenyPass within its teams
  • To help collaborators use and manage complex passwords in a simple and secure way


2€ pre tax

per user / month
billed annually

Unlimited number of devices

Unlimited synchronisation across devices

Two factor authentication (TFA)

Unlimited storage of credentials

Access to a ZenyWay representative

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GDPR and ZenyPass

"Zero-Knowledge" technology

We do not know the users ZenyPass password, which is never transmitted to our servers. We have no access to the data stored in their account by users.

Two factor authentication (TFA)

To access an account, the ZenyPass password is not enough: the user is also authenticated by a random key that ZenyPass stores in the web browsers that it has authorized. Without any action on his part, this key is also used for each connection to his account. Access to an account is therefore impossible on a device unknown to the user, even for someone who would know or guess his password.

Local data encryption

All data recorded by users is encrypted and decrypted "locally", directly on the device they are using. All data transmitted to our servers are encrypted, and the keys needed to decrypt them are only stored on users' devices, never on our servers.

No user profile collected

The only personal data we collect is the email address of our users, to verify that they own the address they use to create their ZenyPass account. To create your digital safe, we do not need your name, address, etc ... and therefore we do not collect them. Not having this information is the best way not to get it stolen!

Servers located in Europe

ZenyWay is a French company, using servers located in Europe: in Frankfurt, Germany. The email addresses of the users are also stored at a European subcontractor, who is GDPR compliant: MailJet. Access to its servers is done with strong authentication techniques including complex passwords protected in ZenyPass safes.