About us

ZenyWay develops web applications to simplify and secure your online life. ZenyPass is its first application, a password manager that solves the complexity of using secure passwords.

ZenyWay's history

ZenyPass gestionnaire mots de passe history

ZenyWay is at the heart of the French startup ecosystem

ZenyWay's password manager, ZenyPass, has been awarded in the French startup ecosystem, being selected by prestigious support networks: the "Réseau Entreprendre", a national entrepreneur coaching association, Divn, the incubator of the consulting company PwC, and Station F, the largest startup campus in the world.

ZenyWay is also featured as password manager on the website of the CNIL, the French data protection authority.

The co-founders

ZenyPass gestionnaire mots de passe Arnaud Vetillart

Arnaud Vétillart


ZenyPass gestionnaire mots de passe Stephane Catala

Stéphane Catala


Two senior French engineers

After working together for many years, Arnaud and Stéphane, both French engineers have combined their complementarities and their 40 years of cumulated professional experience in the high tech and mobile phone industries to bring their own solution, to a problem well known to all Internet users: password management.

Our core values

Simplify and secure your online life

In a context where the number of cyber-attacks is increasing, we are driven by the desire to help all Internet users, including those who are less comfortable with new technologies, which are also often the most vulnerable, to better protect their personal data, while simplifying their online life.

The three words that we constantly keep in mind when designing ZenyPass: simplicity, security, privacy.

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