Your password vault

ZenyPass password manager

From work or from home, connecting to all my accounts is child's play

Easily manage all your passwords

ZenyPass password manager create credentials

Create your account online

It's totally free, and non-binding. Your account is then available from all your devices.
ZenyPass password manager add credentials

Add your login credentials

Store your usernames and passwords in ZenyPass. You will never have to remember them or type them again!
ZenyPass password manager connect easily

Connect easily

All you need is a single password, your ZenyPass password, to connect to all your sites logged in the application.

Protect your passwords in your digital safe

ZenyPass password manager secret personal key

Your ZenyPass password is the secret key to your safe

Your ZenyPass account is a digital safe of which only you have the key. Without this key, no one can open your safe. And to ensure maximum safety, this key only works on your own devices.
ZenyPass password manager secret key never on internet, servers

This key cannot be intercepted on the web

This key is only used on your devices. It is never transmitted on the web, and it is never stored on our servers.
ZenyPass password manager total privacy & confidentiality

Your personal data remains totally private

Your data is fully encrypted before being added to your safe. Nobody else but you, not even the administrators of ZenyPass, has the key to decrypt your data.

Stop wasting time connecting

ZenyPass password manager fill in credentials easily

All your credentials filled in automatically

No need to search for your passwords.
No need to click on " Forgot password? "
No more typos…

All your passwords at your fingertips

All your devices are always synchronized.
Passwords added or changed on one device, are immediately available on all the others.

Unique and strong passwords always available

Easily use unique and robust passwords when you change passwords or create new accounts.