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August 31st 2017 - ZenyPass, the web and mobile password manager developed by the French startup ZenyWay, is now available.

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ZenyPass makes it easy to connect to all of its online, personal or business services, while enhancing password protection, with its data encryption and synchronization solution, available to all, from the web, on any type of devices.

ZenyWay is announcing today that the first release of its password manager, ZenyPass, is now available. ZenyPass protects user passwords and credentials in a secured personal area, an encrypted digital safe, and allows to connect more easily, from any device, without having to remember any other password, than the ZenyPass password.

Access all your credentials, from all your devices

ZenyWay offers a solution that works identically on all types of screens. Users can synchronise their account with as many devices as they want, to access their passwords and connect easily, from their office or personal computers, or on the go, from their tablet or smartphone.

ZenyPass is a web application, and as such, is available, without any installation, for all the main operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android.

Protect personal and business data

With ZenyPass, users can easily define different and robust passwords for each of their online services, a best practice to help keep personal data safe.

For companies, deploying ZenyPass to collaborators also helps protect business data, by making it easier to apply strict rules on password requirements, to access internal servers, employee databases, or CRM softwares, for example. This is becoming increasingly important in the current context, with the new European Regulation (GDPR) which will be enforced from May 2018, and a number of cyber attacks constantly increasing

A business model that adapts to customer needs

ZenyPass is available for free, to manage up to a certain amount of credentials (initially set to 15, as a promotional offer for its launch). Beyond that threshold, users can purchase extra storage « A la carte », or through a Premium licence, for unlimited capacity.

About ZenyWay

ZenyPass is the first application of the French startup ZenyWay, founded in 2015 by Arnaud Vétillart and Stéphane Catala. ZenyWay is a laureate of « Réseau Entreprendre », a French Entrepreneur network, and recently joined the « Founders Program » of Station F, the world’s largest startup campus that opened its doors in July 2017 in Paris, France.

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ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot
ZenyPass password manager screenshot