The best way to manage your passwords

ZenyPass Video Tutorials

  • #1 - Create your account

  • #2 - Add a website and your credentials

  • #3 - Connect to a site

  • #4 - Authorize a new device

Store and protect all your passwords

Easily manage your passwords

Store all your passwords, with their related usernames and web addresses

Easily use robust and different passwords, for each site

Protect your accounts: ZenyPass is your digital safe, keeping your credentials secure

ZenyPass password manager screenshot credentials

Easily access all your data

All your passwords are always within reach

View all your records at a glance

More search and filtering features coming soon

ZenyPass password manager screenshot home page quick access

Strengthen your online security

Nobody else but you can access your data

All your stored data is encrypted

Only you have the keys to decipher your data

Your data can only be deciphered on your devices

Move on, hackers, nothing to see here !

ZenyPass password manager security privacy encryption

Control access to your records

You decide how your passwords can be viewed or copied:

  • Strict lock: requires your ZenyPass password
  • Lock on time out: you are prompted for your ZenyPass password after a time out
ZenyPass password manager screenshot password lock

Connect with just a few clicks

Logging in made easy

The only password you have to remember is your ZenyPass password

No need to remember, nor type in, your other passwords

From your account:

  • Open sites in a new tab

  • Copy and paste usernames and passwords

ZenyPass password manager screenshot login

Connect from anywhere and from all your devices

Access ZenyPass from all your devices: computers, tablets, and smartphones

Your account is always synchronized: a password added on a device is automatically available on the others

Keep it under control: you decide which devices can decipher your data

ZenyPass password manager screenshot multi devices

Try ZenyPass now !

Create your account today, to manage up to 15 passwords for free (limited time offer).

No commitment, no trial period

You have nothing to download, nothing to install

All you need is a valid email address, and a new password, the last one you'll have to remember

ZenyPass password manager screenshot account creation

Coming soon

Connect easily without logging to the ZenyPass page

Import websites and login credentials

Advanced search

Share data with other users

... and many more features!